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  • CMS can not see images?

    Solution: if can be seen the image by IE, it also can be viewed through CMS. But it is really can not see the image, mainly because you are not familiar with the CMS software, please look at the CMS manual or video tutorial:
             Drag online IPC IP address from configuration menu to monitoring area, then enter the IPC login account and password.
             In the preview window, select the window, and then double-click the camera icon in the IP address drop-down menu, the camera's image will display in the preview window in CMS.

  • Can not be installed some computers?

    The solution:
    a. computer's configuration requirements for the CMS software running are as follows:
                1 operating system: windows2000 or higher.
                2. CPU Intel Pentium IV 3.0 GHZ or above.
                3. Memory 1G.
                4. Monitor: support 1024X768 or higher
    b. installed in the XP system:
       First install dotnetfx35.exe.
                2 then install vcredist_x86_2008.exe
                3. At last install the CMS client
    c. win 7 systems:
                 First install vcredist_x86_2008.exe.
                 2 then install the CMS client
    d. before CMS installed , close all IE windows.

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