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  • Camera can not see the object in night vision mood and can not automatically switch ir-cut.

    The solution: ir-cut damage. replace the ir-cut

  • Why it is too sensitive change the color image to black ?

    The sensitivity is up to the difference of photo resistor on the LED light board

  • Why the video is unclear?

    A. Check weather the camera glass and the lens are clear?
    B. May be you can readjust the focus length because the temperature's change.
    C. glass fogged because of inside mist, opening it and clear Please.

  • Camera POE function can not be achieved?

    (1) Please confirm whether this section models with POE module
    (2) The POE is divided into: PSE end and PD end
    (3) To achieve the POE function: need POE Switches (PSE end) and inside the camera with POE module (PD end).

  • Why does the POE not work?

    A. The camera's default POE power supply is 12\36, while the POE switch should match with it.
    B. Check the network is stable.
    C. It will result in the damage of camera, if the POE power adapter cannot supply at the same time.

  • why is the night video of infrared camera black.

    A. Check the infrared light, Is it work properly?
    B. Check the IR-CUT, Is it work properly?
    C. Check the infrared light in the CMOS of IE setting, Is it turn on?
    D. If it is the problem of CMOS, Please change another one.

  • Why the video picture color isn't normal?

    • IR-CUT’s witch direction is oppo sited. Change the control line.
    • Please check weather the image brightness, contrast, saturation, chroma are normal.

  • Why the image become partical red or purple?

    Reason:IR-CUT couldn't switch. May be it installed reviser, or photo resistance supplied the pressure to IR-CUT is wrong, or IR-CUT couldn't receive the signal from the photo resistance.
    A. Upgrade the latest version of program.
    B. Change IR-CUT (YOU can buy it or assembled the photo resistance.)
    C. Revised the color and black and white. It is the driver board problem. Please change another one. (YOU can buy it or assembled the photo resistance.)
    D. We can offer your hardware connection diagram.

  • Why the IR_CUT can't work?

    A. Change the infrared lights if the infrared lights' problem.
    B. Check the turn-on and off, make sure it turn on in the CMOS of IE setting.
    C. IR_CUT problem, change another one.

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