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  • Why the WIFI can't access the internet?

    A. Enable the WIFI function on the setting of IE browser
    B. Make sure the successful connection of camera and the wireless router.
    C. Check the password of wireless.
    D. The distance between the WIFI camera and wireless router ranged 10to 30meters indoor, and blowed 50 meters outdoor.

  • Why the camera can't recognized SD card?

    A. check the SD card is installed correctly.
    B. Make sure the SD card is connected well with network coding board.
    C. Reformat the SD card on the computer, and re-installed on the camera.

  • Why it can't playback the recording and captures in the long distance?

    The prerequisite is to installation for SD card, and set its Motion Detection.

  • You can normally access to the camera, but no picture from it. Prompt: video no stream or rtsp conne

    After the camera factory default, restart the power, if there was still no pictures or prompt, please off the power,and open the cameras shell,and then take out the module to check the ribbon cable, ( you can  pull and  plug again for better connection).

  • What should we do when the screen appeared blurred, mosaic, black, and screen delay?

    A.Check the view mode. the higher resolution , the slower speed.
    B.The internet bandwidth.
    C.The capability of the computer and internet environment
    D.The more user, the slower it works.
    E.Do not use a hub when the Image updated slow, especial for multiple net camera.

  • When we install the OCX, it pop up the error. what should we do ?

    Close all the IE windows.

  • Why it can't install OCX plug?

    Click "Tools"--"Options"--"Security"--"Custom Level"--" Active controls and plug"(choose enable).Refresh the security level after the picture shows, or click "Y" when it pop up a box which should choose "set up", Then it appears.

  • Why there is no picture on the browser?

    • Failed to installed OCX plug. Please download the Activex program and  set the IE security level to the low level.
    • Please copy “RSAVPlugin.”to the file in C:\WINDOWS\system32(there is a OCX file in the disc)

  • Why it can't be accessed by IE browser?

    • Make sure the net connected with power, and make the whole process works well.Please check the camera, the concentrator, the switches, and network card, if there is no problem, please follow B
    • Check the IP address, weather it was occupied oe not. Click "start" on the desktop--enter "CMD", press ENTER, and print ipconfig. check the IP address and the camera are at he same subnet, and make sure the first 3 paragraphs of the computer IP address and the workstation IP address are the same.
    • Check the HTTP port of the camera.Please use the sourcing devise check weather the HTTP port is 80 or not? Please add ":" and the port number if not. (For Instance

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