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  • The Mobile phone can not access the camera?

    Solutions: (1) the camera IP and your phone are in the same network ,please  enter the IP address ( example: related port, login account and password.
                     (2) If the phone and network camera is not in the same area network, please mapping the camera to Internet. Then enter the camera IP / domain name (for example: and related port, login account and password directly in your phone. Set the camera stream as QCIF (Our mobile terminal Preview sub-stream of the camera, probably because of the limited bandwidth of the mobile phone network, so reducing the resolution of the sub-stream). For details, please refer to the mobile client manual.

  • Why it can't work on the windows server?

    Because JS soft need direct 3D function about the graphic card on computer.Frankly speaking, most graphic card on computer should upgrade latest driver program. Or add a discrete graphics. Then click the the "Start" on the left-below corner,print " dxdiag", enter the interface of direct 3D.

  • When J-Surveillance access 960H Series, the host can see all images, but the client can not see the i

    Solution: Please use IE browser to log camera, choose the deputy stream

  • J-Surveillance can not be launched?

    The solution:
    A. Make Sure there is more than 8G ree space for disk which installed J-Surveillance
    B. Check the dongle is working well.

  • J-Surveillance can not be installed?

    The solution: a. currently only supports windows system computer.
              A. when installed in Windows7, please login your computer by “Administrator” account
              B. Before install this software, you have to exit anti-virus software program and firewall, successfully, restart them.

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