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  • How to connect the cameras to the functional NVR

    Adding  cameras to the functional NVR is through RTSP protocol, so please select RTSP when choosing the connecting protocol.And select the Protocol Type:TCP
    URL connecting address for RTSP is:
    C Series:admin:admin@ch0_0.h264    Main stream
                     admin:admin@ch0_1.h264    Sub stream
    H Series:admin:admin@ch1-s1        Main stream
                     admin:admin@ch1-s2        Sub stream

  • Cameras can be connected to the NVR8004,but after double click the image, there is no picture

    NVR8004 it is only sub stream of the camera when you are previewing  NVR8004 in small window ,but after double click the image, it is using camera's main stream.So if the camera's main stream is 1600*1200,and after double click the image, there will be no picture.So please lower the main stream of the camera to 1280*720, and then there will be image there.

  • Cameras can be connected to the NVR8004 / 8009, but no image from the cameras via NVR.

    ① First, please make sure  there is image via IE
    ② Lower the camera' resolution to 1280*720 via IE,because the maximum resolution of the NVR is 1280*720.

  • NVR8004 can not be found IP, ping is not available? But can turn on

    (1) Check the network hardware connection is normal
    (2) Check the connection between cover panel and the body is ok.

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